"Liesbeth has the flexibility in recognizing beleifs and perceptions, as well as, the ability to connect to your life personally."

“At the age of 55 and after the more or less successfully realization of two educational fusions of Primary schools in Holland, I got serious mental and physical problems. Sleepless nights, severe sweating, high blood pressure and depressions led to the decision to quit my job as a Principal.

But my mental and physical problems didn’t stop. Even after consulting a psychologist.

About 5 years ago I came in contact with Liesbeth van Lier and after telling her my story, she told me that a number of healing-sessions totally or at least partially could solve my problems. I didn’t expect too much of it, but after a couple of sessions my self-conscience came back. The approach of Liesbeth was sometimes friendly, sometimes very direct and confronting, but always very to the point. Results were clearly bound to come and after 6 sessions and the use of supplements and vitamins, most of my physical problems have disappeared and I can successfully handle my mental problems.

Thanks to Liesbeth for me life is worth living again!”
- L v.d. S, S-Africa

"I just want to tell anybody who is suffering from PTSD or knows somebody who is suffering with PTSD that you are not lost. You don’t have to go through random counseling and amounts of medication over and over again for the rest of your life thinking that there is no hope insight.
There is no miracle drug going on here, it’s not some kind of scheme or anything else like that. If you want help and you want to go on with your life, you have to reach out to Liesbeth. She literally saved my life and I am now living free of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder."
 - Veteran Aaron

“Nine years ago my husband had to quit his job as a Principal because of a second burnout. A professional psychologist told him that it would take a lifetime before he would get over it.

Five years ago we happened to meet Liesbeth van Lier. She managed to heal my husband in a series of 6 sessions together with supplements and vitamins.

Three years ago we decided to immigrate to South Africa. I was afraid of leaving everything and everybody behind. Through meditation and healing sessions by Liesbeth I managed to let things go.

We now enjoy our life very much in South Africa without any physical or mental problems, thanks to Liesbeth van Lier!”
- S. v.d. S.-H., S-Africa

“The strength of Liesbeth is that she really helps you to get to know yourself and then gives you exactly what you need.”
- B.H.

“Liesbeth is passionate about her gift. This transformative technique dissolved years of emotional issues for me”.
- A.F., Holland

"I like the raw honesty of Liesbeth."
- C.M.

“You learn to look at yourself and learn to listen to your body. Several complaints suddenly become clear and understandable. Liesbeth gives you the techniques and helps to release negative experiences or pain and  be the best you can be. It has helped in several areas of my life. Totally awesome. I also want to tell you that my "sleeping  problem" has completely disappeared. Totally awesome!”
- H.H.

"Liesbeth has a non-nonsense approach yet sensitive to different needs. She's extremely knowledgeable in this area and clearly knows how to guide you towards your goals."
- L.R.


"Liesbeth has a simplistic way of no bullshit and making "difficult" concepts atttainable and making me the person at the helm, not my "demons"."

- B.H.

I like the depth and content of her talks and I just want more."

- P.Y.

“This class was phenomenal. I highly recommend Liesbeth – she is a talented therapist – if you are ready to really change your life and experience happiness don’t waste your money on ten visits when you can have phenomenal success in just one”.

- S.T.

"Liesbeth has a wonderful desire to help people and it shows. I enjoyed her enthusiasm."
- G.T.

“When you understand what you feel, and how to deal with it, you gain peace and tranquility in your life. Through the guidance and expertise of Liesbeth I got it. As a result, I stand now stronger in life. Liesbeth has the skills to make you understand and accept yourself. I expressing my deep gratitude to Liesbeth.”
- R v F

“Liesbeth has caused with her way of therapy that things that happened in the past and still had a big influence on my life now, where processed and released. So I can go on with my life in the now and I can look to the future instead of being stuck in my past emotions and program.”  
- P v C

"Liesbeth obviously has a passion for helping people I can't wait to meet my Higher Self."

- T.B.

“For a long time looking for work I felt the need for a coach. I found I was incapable of getting out of a negative circle I was in. I had no confidence in the average “reintegration bureau”. After a critical search I came to Liesbeth  The "click" was there right from the start. There was attention for me and my question! Through her way of working with me she gave me tools to release and clean up "old baggage"  and to focus on a new perspective. It gave me energy and I learned to deal with threats in my life in a different way. I discovered that what I first saw as threats really where new possibilities.”
- J.K.

"Awesome! This was an eye-opening talk. I am so glad you asked for interactive participation and wanted questions. I left this talk inpsired and joyful."
- F.W.

"This lady is warm and professional person with many gifts from which I have personally benefitted from.

Liesbeth has tremendous experience in healing broken or misaligned aspects of a person through her training and education as a therapist. She is generous and kind, which is demonstrated in many ways –one in which she, has gifted many of her talents to help her friends heal from past experiences and traumas to very successful outcomes.

She is a therapeutic healer of the highest and holistic caliber. There are many that can benefit from her talents and abilities as she teaches a person to see things from different perspectives — not her own, while gently releasing past experiences deeply embedded in the body and mind.

In my view, Liesbeth’s professional goal is in alignment with the highest purpose of helping humanity evolve wholly and collectively. Liesbeth’s approach can restore an imbedded instinct of a higher purpose and strength in those seeking assistance. Her gentle gift can contribute to an individual’s own new vision that has been fired and smithed on the anvil of their own experiences to become a tool of a greater wisdom and insight. The best outcome could allow each to take their place in moving forward and contributing to others in their communities, as well.”
- L.G.

“I was blessed to meet Liesbeth about three years ago. She is a very kind and caring person and I feel my life has been blessed to have had her in it. I was saddened to find that she was moving.  I very much hope she can find a place to be of service to mankind, as I know that is her hearts desire. I know that she is able to help people get in touch with their feeling and own them.  And help them to find a way to love themselves.”
- M.K.


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