FFSStyle is not just about Fashion...

It is about making conscious clothing choices that

  • Fulfill your spirit
  • Flatter your appearance
  • Function for your lifestyle
  • Fortify you to attract your desires

Have you ever wondered why you love to wear certain clothes in your closet and why you never wear some of them? Would you like to know why this is to avoid mis-buys in the future?

Just imagine that you love and wear all the clothes that are in your closet. You always have the perfect thing to wear. You know exactly what style, colors and accessories look best on you. Picture a wardrobe that reflects exactly who you are and what you want others to see and attracts what you want in life.

Feng Shui is a 3000-year old system of philosophy, science, and art. The international Feng Shui guide defines Feng Shui as an interplay between the seen (our surroundings: home, business, and personal appearance) and the unseen (energy and intention: personality and goals).

The Universe consists of divine life force that permeates and connects everything. We are conditioned by the energies in our habitual surroundings. Every color, shape, substance, pattern, etc. has different frequencies. When you manipulate design elements of a garment, you adjust the energy to express essence, attract intention and enhance appearance.

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Clothing is the body’s most intimate environment. It influences your life in the same way that home and business decors do. When you address every aspect of your life-spiritual, mental, and physical-you create a wardrobe that is fulfilling (essence/spirit), fortifying (intentions/mental), flattering (body/appearance), and functional. Style is synchronizing design elements that integrate spiritual, mental, and physical self.

Fashion Feng Shui® dresses–your spirit, mind and body. Your wardrobe will be more fulfilling, fortifying, flattering and functional.

You’ll have excitement and peace about your clothes and the garments you wear, knowing you look your best with anything you wear from your closet. Personal Style… the Feng Shui way!

Fashion Feng Shui® is an innovative, transformational way of dressing inspired, based upon you living a happier, healthier, more prosperous life! Right now, you can visually affirm your intentions so that you can attract your deepest desires.

Fashion Feng Shui® teaches you how to dress with mindfulness and intention so that your clothes express your authenticity and attract all that you wish for. Discover “who you are” and express it through your appearance.

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