We start with an intake or information. I like to know about all the issues you may have on any level: physical, behavioral, spiritual, beliefs, feelings, pain, limitations, etc. What kind of people are/were your mother and father. Were there any traumas or things that you remember as if they happened yesterday. And anything else that you think I should know. With this intake of information combined with my knowledge, experience and intuition, I now have an idea of where to go from here.

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During the session I let you relax and help you to remember situations both conscious and unconscious that come up through asking questions, through your feelings and emotions, through guided meditations and sometimes by touching a pain spot on the body. We go to when, where and how a situation started. The root of the issue. Often this is in your youth or sometimes traumatic experiences later in life or sometimes it is the energy from parents and/or ancestors. Sometimes people spontaneously go to previous lives.

It is not the situation that is bothering you but the feelings and emotions you have about the situation so we change them in your memory. Changing these feelings and emotions in your memories will change your feelings, emotions and behavior in your daily life. This transformation happens instantly. It is like changing a disc. You throw the old disc out and put a new one in. The old one doesn’t play again.

This way of working is easy, fast and permanent. There is no suffering through the sessions except feeling the emotions that you already have from the situation(s) we need to go to, in order to transform. Once we transform, the negative feelings are gone. I also help you get in touch with your Divine energy, God, the Universe, self healing energy, or whatever the name is that you use for yourself and we use that to support the sessions. This is a very powerful tool.

During the session it is important that I don’t fill in any part of your story, just guide you through it. I check constantly that it is your story and I am not filling in parts. Also not to judge, but stay neutral about what comes up for you.

I have to be very creative, knowledgeable and flexible because I never know what could come up from one moment to the next and I have to work with everything that arises.  I have studied a lot of modalities so I have a huge toolbox to pick from in these moments. I also have to work with your belief system and not mine. If previous lives or God are not in your belief system then I have to work with that.

The session is like weeding the garden taking out the roots. Clearing, clearing, clearing, and making it beautiful again.

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