Veterans who have been in a war situations have many different issues they have to cope with.
When I work with Veterans with PTSD I address all the issues related to the war experience. 


The Process
We start with the PTSD itself. What, why, where, who, etc. Once you have processed the PTSD, many of the symptoms will disappear automatically like sleeping problems and nightmares. After that, the symptoms that are still left, for example loss of friends, the guilt, anxiety, fear, forgiveness, and whatever else comes up for you will be dealt with separately since they are issues that have come from having PTSD. After this, the PTSD and symptoms will be processed and released, unless there are roots that have formed in your childhood or sometime in your life previous to serving.

Let’s use anxiety as an example. I worked with a veteran with PTSD and we got rid of it. Some anxiety was left that should have been gone because we had already gotten rid of the PTSD. During our sessions, we regressed back to childhood and it seemed that both parents were very anxious people. This behavior was unknowingly taught during the person’s childhood. Since clearing the energy of the parents, it got rid of the veteran’s anxiety all together. He now has his life back.

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