Out of the Frying Pan into the Fire
What have you come home to? Out of the frying pan into the fire. A life sentence according to the professionals. What kind of care could you expect from your government? Coping and drugs. A life that is falling apart, struggling to keep it together. Stuck in this and hopelessly thinking that you have to be there for the rest of your life.
You were told that if you get help you are a coward. The person who came up with this coping method probably doesn't have PTSD himself. You try running away from it but it just gets worse and worse until at some point you can’t take it anymore.chrysalis sept blog1 WEB

Medical, Psychological or Emotional?
All of this, just because the professionals don’t know how to work with the brain the way they should. Medical professionals only treat symptoms by way of drugs or cutting out the offending organ. The difference with my work is that I don’t tell you to cope with or to suppress your issues. I help you to get rid of the issue at the source. I go underneath a diagnosis. I look where, when, and/or how an issue started and help you rid yourself of the emotions associated with the situation. It’s not the situation that is bothering you, but the emotions you have about it. We will work together to get you unstuck as well as eliminating the guilt, anxiety, anger and short temperateness, tension, depression, fear, stress, hatred, sadness,  frustration or what ever else is bothering you.

What Else is being Affected?
It is sad that most people with PTSD have no idea that it is possible to eliminate it. They can’t believe it, so they keep on suffering.
If you go to a mechanic when your car breaks don’t work, you wouldn’t accept it if they gave you a helmet and told you to deal with it. Why should you accept that for yourself.

Change Because you Want to!
Some people don’t want to change, because they think the situation is fine the way it is. In the mean time, your life is not how you want it, unfulfilled and unhappy. Your relationship doesn’t work, your job doesn’t work, your social life doesn’t work. A lot of children get traumatized through the behavior of parents that suffer from PTSD.

Choosing the Right Path
My intention with working with you is to help you clear up as much of the negative emotions you have so you can live a more fulfilled life. If you choose to participate, you will transform fast and permanently and it will change your life. You will be amazed how easy it can be.

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